Designed and produced in Poland.

All patters are printed on elegant, matted paper with a basis weight of 115 g/m2, which is substantially thicker than standard wrapping paper.
Format: 100 x 70cm

Elegant paper.
High quality print.
Convenient Format.



No Wodka

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ul. Żelazna 9a
00-879 Warszawa

Bęc Zmiana

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Osiek 10/10, Gdansk


In life, you only have one chance at a first impression. With gifts, our paper is that first impression.

Paperworks is a new project rooted in an age-old tradition.

With Christmas around the corner, we want to reel back the ritual of granting gifts – uniquely packed presents, peppered with a heartfelt dedication and sincere words of thanks.

We want our wrapping paper to be a gift in itself: an intriguing joy to the eye, a valuable addition to an exceptional object given to that special someone.

In life, you only have one chance at a first impression. With gifts, our paper is that first impression. A beautifully packed present brings out the little child in us, even before we find out what is inside.

For years now we have collected decorative paper, always stuffing our suitcases with pretty paper when returning from our travels. Like a magpie in search of a jewel, we rummaged through artsy shops. We pinballed between dozens of small printing manufacturers. But we never managed to get our hands on that special piece of gift paper when we needed it the most.

Paperworks was born out of that need to find the perfect packaging for things we wish to share with those we love and cherish. Wrapping presents gives us great joy. Paperworks is about sharing that joy.

Olka Osadzińska and Gosia Osadzińska

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